U.S. "Broadchurch" adds Nick Nolte to cast

Good idea or bad idea, like it or not, things seem to be shaping up for the American version of the hit ITV drama, Broadchurch. Like its UK counterpart, Gracepoint, as it will be known for the American re-make, will center around the investigation into the murder of a young boy named Danny in a small town.

With filming set to begin in January, casting is all but complete for the Fox Television crime drama set to premiere in late 2014. Headed across the pond to recreate his critically acclaimed role as DI Alec Hardy, the chief detective of the investigation (renamed Emmett Carver), David Tennant will be joined by Breaking Bad star Anna Gunn who has been cast in Olivia Colman’s role of DI Ellie Miller.

Nick Nolte joins cast of Gracepoint, the American version of BroadchurchNow comes word that Academy Award nominee, Nick Nolte, has signed on to play Jack Reinhold, the stubborn owner of a kayak rental business and the local wildlife observation program, at which the murdered boy volunteered (thanks, TVLine). David Bradley, of An Adventure in Space and Time and Harry Potter fame had the corresponding role in the UK version.

Normally, I’m not a big fan of re-makes or reboots of hit series. Gracepoint (or Broadchurch) has the potential to be different. Already on the upside, in addition to David Tennant reprising his role (even if he will be speaking with an American accent), you have Chris Chibnall, creator of the original show, set as executive producer for the remake. On the downside, and completely unfair to the talents of Breaking Bad‘s Anna Gunn, you don’t have the greatness of Olivia Colman.

Adding the likes of Nick Nolte surely will up the potential ante for Gracepoint (as long as there isn’t the obligatory ‘Nick Nolte getting out of bed scene in the morning’ where every bone in his body seems to creak and pop). Ok, that’s just a personal issue I’ve had since seeing North Dally Forty years ago. Not that the track record is great for American re-makes of hit British series (actually, hasn’t been a successful one in almost 40 years in my book), Gracepoint might just stand a chance. At least we have to give it one…

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