'Death in Paradise' returns as DI Poole becomes island statistic

As a journalist, you’re told from the beginning not to become ‘the story’. For Ben Miller, the star of the BBC drama, Death in Paradise, you definitely don’t want your character to become the story. With the new season set to premiere on BBC One on 14 January, Miller’s character, DI Richard Poole, will fall victim to the island’s virulent crime rate. According to the BBC press reports, viewers will see DI Poole murdered before the opening credits of the first episode, with his replacement DI Humphrey Goodman, played by Kris Marshall (My Family), attempting to solve the murder with the aid of clues Poole has left behind to help him along the way.

For two series of Death in Paradise, Ben Miller (Worst Week of My Life, Primeval) was, admittedly, in heaven. Unfortunately, DI Richard Poole, the character that Miller portrayed, was in his own private hell. Heaven for Miller because the series is filmed on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. Hell for DI Poole because he is trapped on the stunning beautiful but fictional Caribbean island paradise of Saint-Marie battling sun, sea and sand while solving murders and just trying to find a proper British cup of tea.

Last Spring, prior to filming series 3, Miller decided to vote himself off the island for personal reasons and not return. “I have loved being part of the show,” explains Miller. “But for personal reasons just couldn’t continue. Being away from my family for six months a year, even if it was in the beautiful surroundings of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean was just too hard.

Series 3 of Death in Paradise will premiere on BBC One on 14 January. The new series will be available to public television stations in the States not long after. Stay tuned….

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  • Mark Pompeii

    I’ll have to check out the new version of Death in Paradise but right now I’m really disappointed that they killed Richard Poole off instead of leaving the opportunity for him to come back to what I thought was a building, growing deep love between him and Camille, quirky, awkward and full of crazy chemistry as it was. That was the one very different and special aspect of this murder drama part comedy who-done-it show that, to me, made it stand way out apart from being just a good murder mystery. I so much wanted to see Poole break out of his goofy shell and realize the true paradise that was right in front of him. I’m sure the show will continue to be a good murder mystery but now that the emotional special thing with Camille is gone it will just be good and not great. Ben Miller and Sara Martins both did an awesome job and were the perfect actors for this storyline….I loved it!