'Sherlock 3': Let's talk…then, let's meet Arwel Wyn Jones

As the UK inches closer and closer to that magical ‘do not disturb’ moment on 1 January with the long-awaited premiere of Sherlock, fortunately, there are daily bits and bobs to keep us occupied until broadcast. Following the Christmas Day release of “Many Happy Returns”, the Sherlock prequel mini-episode, comes today’s bit of greatness with cast and crew talking about ‘what’s in store for Sherlock in series 3’. Joining Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are series co-creators/writers, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, along with series producer, Sue Vertue to discuss the forthcoming series and hint at what audiences can look forward to with Wednesday’s premiere on BBC One and on January 19 on PBS.

While it’s common knowledge and certainly no spoiler to say that everyone knows that Sherlock ‘survives’ his Fall from the rooftop of St. Barts, there looms the overall question as to how and, also, how will John take the news. My money is on ‘not well’. What do you think?

Production designer, Arwel Wyn Jones – “I made…Sherlock
Sherlock behind the scenes

Getting Sherlock from script to screen is a big task. One person responsible for part of that is production designer Arwel Jones. He looks after all aspects of set design, set dressing, props & the overall look of the show. Here’s a really cool BBC Academy interview to tide you over for the last remaining hours.

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