10 Reasons Why We Love 'Downton Abbey'…according to 'Garden & Gun' magazine

As we have mentioned over the last several years, series like Downton Abbey don’t grow on trees. While we all may understand and recognize its greatness, you know you’ve arrived when you become the subject of not one, but several brilliant Latenight with Jimmy Fallon parodies, when you actually make the cut on Saturday Night Live and, make it to Funny or Die on several occasions. That said, you REALLY know you’ve arrived when you make it in an issue of Garden & Gun magazine.

According to Garden & Gun, the series is a perfect fit for their readers. It’s tailored for a Southern audience, has fabulous interiors, beautiful hunt scenes, and a love of land that strikes a chord with everyone in Dixie. In advance of the series four premiere this Sunday night on PBS, they have put together their top ten reasons for loving the show…no, really.

With a tip of the hat to writer, M.K. Quinlan and thanks to everyone over at Garden & Gun for a fabulous list, here are the top 10 reasons why you, and everyone in Dixie, must tune in this Sunday for the 4th season premiere of Downton Abbey on PBS’ Masterpiece series.

  1. They drink a lot, but never have to drive anywhere.

  2. Lord Grantham makes the women at G&G weak in the knees, especially when he does his “custodian of the land” spiel.

  3. We like to look good when we hunt, too, whether it’s top hat and riding jacket or neon orange and camouflage.


  5. They love their dogs as much as we do. If only ours never had to go to the bathroom…or made any noise whatsoever.

  6. They call a valet with a limp and a criminal record “eccentric”. We call it Southern gothic.

  7. Lady Mary is like a British Scarlett O’Hara: beautiful, spoiled and determined. Let’s just hope she leaves the drapery on the windows.


  9. Carson’s pride of place is rivaled only by that of a Southern hostess.

  10. We’ve loved Shirley MacLaine ever since her tomato-loving turn as Ouiser in Steel Magnolias.

  11. We’ve all got a Dowager Countess in our lives, whether it’s our mother or mother-in-law—manipulative, tough as nails, and always ready with a one-liner.

  12. No one loves—or plans—a wedding like we do in the South. Except maybe the British.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year from Tellyspotting! As if you didn’t have enough reasons already to settle in on Sunday, January 5 at 8pm CT / 9pm ET on PBS for the 4th season premiere of Downton Abbey! Now you have 10 more, thanks to Garden & Gun magazine! Cheers.

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