'Downton Abbey' recap courtesy of The Grantham Gazette

Sunday, all eyes will be on PBS and the return of Downton Abbey. In the wake of newspapers and print journalism giving way to the age of the Internets, fortunately, there still exists a small-town newspaper with a brilliant nose for news even though Lady Edith has her sights set a bit higher. While the Grantham Gazette may suffer from relatively poor circulation figures as compared to the likes of the New York Times, thankfully, the folks down at Houston Public Television retained their subscription long enough to share a quick recap of Downton Abbey series 1-3 prior to Sunday’s broadcast. Enjoy. Let us know what you think of Sunday’s return…

Downton Abbey series 1-3 recap from the Grantham Gazette

In true “you can’t tell the players without a scorecard” fashion, you’ll also need a bit of a refresher course from the Dowager all the way down to baby Sybil when it comes to the Crawley family tree before Sunday’s premiere.
Downton Abbey Crawley family tree

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