Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery is….Connie Tough in TNT's 'Tough Justice'

Well, our one-day departure from dishing about Downton Abbey has ended. Before we talk about Sunday’s premiere of series 4, you may be wondering just what Michelle Dockery has been up to during the hiatus between series 4 and series 5 filming. Aside from her guest appearances with fellow Downton star, Elizabeth McGovern, for several Sadie & The Hotheads gigs in London, she’s landed a part in the new TNT series, Tough Justice, with former Shield great, Michael Chiklis. Ok, just kidding, but you have to admit, she pulls it off pretty convincingly. Given some of the new offerings on, as they say, ‘other networks’, I may be interested in seeing this once Downton ends its run. WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE AHEAD

Downton Abbey S4, Ep 1 – Spoiler talk!

Now….let’s talk about Downton Abbey S4, Ep1. Where to begin, where to begin. How about that Nanny West, huh? I kind of hate to see her go even though she sealed her fate with that ‘I was just having a go’ comment of hers that Lady Cora overheard. And, how many who watched last night howled when the Dowager threatened to call for a nanny to put Robert to bed without his supper? Finally, I so can’t wait to see how the Thomas, Edna, Anna and Bates drama plays out.

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