Downton Abbey, S4, Ep 1 Facebook re-cap

Going virtually unnoticed what with the entire U.S. eagerly awaiting the return of Downton Abbey this past Sunday on PBS, was the realization that what was to also return were the drop-dead funny Facebook recaps of each episode over at happy Aside from actually watching the episode to frantically catch up before the next installment on Sunday, this is a perfect way to power download the highlights of everything that happened in the 2-hour premiere episode. Here are some quick bits and bobs from everyone’s timeline.


Downton Abbey S4, Ep1 – O’Brien bails out of Downton

Downton Abbey Facebook Recap - S4, Ep1

Downton Abbey S4, Ep1 – Edith gets a Valentine, Mary not so lucky

Downton Abbey Facebook Recap - S4, Ep1.2

Downton Abbey S4, Ep1 – Mary can only vote once

Downton Abbey Facebook Recap - S4, Ep1.3

Downton Abbey S4, Ep1 – Nanny West updates her timeline

Downton Abbey Facebook Recap - S4, Ep1.4

Downton Abbey S4, Ep1 – Lady Mary is a college freshman

Downton Abbey Facebook Recap - S4, Ep1.5

Click through for a full Downton Abbey series 4, episode 1 Facebook recap and get ready for Sunday. Thank goodness electricity has come to Downton. First the electric mixer, the toaster and now, the ability for everyone upstairs and down to post on Facebook. How great is this series!

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