Happy #SherlockLives Day! & Sherlock: The Musical!

#SherlockLives Day in the U.S.

Yes, I know, it’s Sunday. Must be Downton Day in America. While that may be true, I’m afraid it just might be a simple case of ‘move over Downton’ because it’s officially Sherlock Day today! A day that American audiences have been (im)patiently waiting for since that fateful day in May 2010 when series 2 ended.

Before you settle in tonight for an evening in front of the telly tuned to your favorite local (PBS, that is), let’s revisit the Sherlock co-creators gift to the UK this past Christmas Day. The Sherlock series 3 prequel mini-episode, “Many Happy Returns”, an excellent primer for tonights premiere.

Yesterday, we looked at several potential scenarios for Sherlock’s survival from his rooftop swan dive one, even, from Sherlock himself. Now, comes one brilliantly created fan-vid right out of Steven Bochco’s 1990 playbook for Cop Rock. We present…

Sherlock – The Musical

So…are you ready for some Sherlock?

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