'Mr Bean' to become more animated in 2014

While there won’t be any renewed efforts to create more live-action episodes of the iconic Mr. Bean, the word on the street is that Rowan Atkinson and Tiger Aspect, UK production company behind the original television series which is now Endemol Beyond, is set to revive the internationally famous Mr. Bean character with a new animated series designed for initial distribution via the internet on the Mr. Bean YouTube channel and possible television broadcast this Fall.
Animated Mr. Bean

One would guess that the extent of the international name recognition and success of the character, created by Rowan Atkinson, would be the driving force behind the development of the new series. The official Mr. Bean Facebook page recently passed the 50 million ‘likes’ milestone (yes, that’s not a typo, that really is 50 MILLION). And, who can forget that memorable appearance by Rowan Atkinson during the 2012 London Olympic Games opening ceremony, which was watched by an estimated worldwide television audience of nearly 1 billion people.

So, while nothing will ever replace or live up to the greatness of live-action Mr. Bean, it’s sad to think there will, most likely, be no more, but the thought of new animated ‘Bean’ softens the blow just a bit, but only a bit.


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