Dishing Downton & Sherlock and why Sherlock spoils everything!

Well, it’s finally Sunday in the States which means one thing. It must be Downton/Sherlock Day on PBS. Here’s a quick recap of where we are…and then, before you leave us for the telly, take a look at why it wouldn’t be good to have Sherlock watch Breaking Bad with you, or anything else on the telly for that matter.
Sherlock spoils everything

Downton Abbey recap…

Without giving too much away if you happen to be among the few that didn’t see last weeks episode of Downton Abbey as of yet, Lord Grantham survived having to sit next to Dame Nellie Melba (Kiri Te Kanawa) at dinner, Mrs. Hughes won round one with Edna, Lady Rose heads to London and ventures into a jazz club where all hell breaks loose, Mr Gregson prepares for German citizenship and Bates reminds us again that we’d be surprised what you can learn in prison. Just an ordinary day at Downton.

Sherlock recap…

Sherlock is alive. John is just a tad upset, but has a new girlfriend. Sherlock and Mary (John’s new girlfriend) save John’s life pulling him from under a bonfire and then Sherlock and John foil a London terrorist plot to blow up Parliament during an all-night sitting on Guy Fawkes Night by ‘turning the bomb off’. Like Downton, just an ordinary day at 221b Baker Street.

Sherlock Spoils Everything!

As you get ready for tonight’s PBS telly fest, should you ever think of having Sherlock over to watch telly, don’t. Not one to sit down to Netflix with. A great big tip of the hat to Only Leigh for this brilliant send up of how Sherlock Spoils Everything

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