'Wholock' – Sherlock meets The Doctor

While the majority of America is still reeling from last night’s second episode of Sherlock, we stop to ponder the sheer brilliance of Sherlock’s best man speech. For those few that chose to watch the Grammy’s you missed telly gold and you have to check out the Hollywood Reporter’s, Ten Funniest Quotes from Watson’s Wedding.
Sherlock and the best best man speech of all time

With Sherlock 3, we have some of you who are bemoaning the lack of a true full-length ‘mystery’ in the current season with seemingly very little Holmes and Watson running around unearthing clues and solving cases, but the fact that Moffat and Gatiss are giving viewers more of a glimpse into the back stories of Sherlock and Watson along with a bit more of a romantic comedy feel is merely setting up what is going to be the finale of all finales next Sunday. Let’s not forget, we have big, bad Charles Magnusson lurking in the wings.

In the meantime while we discuss “The Sign of Three” amongst ourselves….let’s take a look back at a brilliant creation that helped pass the excruciatingly long time when both Sherlock and Doctor Who were on hiatus. From YouTuber, John Smith, we present the crossover that every fan can only dream of…Wholock.

Wholock: Sherlock meets Doctor Who

Wholock – Behind the scenes


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  • Patty

    I’m not entirely thrilled with the new season so far, but Sherlock’s speech was terrific. I thought Steve Thompson wrote this episode, but then I read an interview with Steven Moffat about how he’d wanted to see Sherlock Holmes give that speech ever since he first read the stories and there were no details about John and Mary’s wedding. Whoever wrote it accomplished Moffat’s goal of it being simultaneously the best and worst best man’s speech ever. It was awkward, self-centered, funny, and poignant. I’m going to be watching it again and again!