International Silly Walks Day – A January 7 post mortem

Blame the Monty Python troupe if you will, but we could all do with a bit more preposterous prancing in our daily routine. How could we have let this pass by without even so much as a mention leading up to such silliness. I guess we should get some what of a pass given that just two days prior, Downton Abbey premiered on PBS’ Masterpiece series and just two short weeks later, on January 19, the brilliance of Sherlock returned to small screens across America. Nevertheless, International Silly Walk Day was January 7th and went off without a hitch around the globe.

Organizers of the day remind us in true Python fashion that “Last year the government spent less on the ministry of silly walks than it did on national defence!” so why not celebrate. We may have forgotten but, thankfully, the great folks of the city of Brno in the Czech Republic did not. Over 140 ‘walkers’ participated in the third annual celebration of silly walks during their day long giddy gaited holiday.

Rest assured, next year, not only will remind everyone of International Silly Walks Day but Towel Day, as well, on 25 May, because, after all, a towel is the most important item any interstellar hitchhiker can carry.

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