Miranda Hart targeted for new BBC Comedy series

With her throw back to old-time BBC comedy series, Miranda, Miranda Hart has built a career around exploiting the universal truth that awkwardness lies at the heart of the human condition . After her first appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe, it was a mere 11 years later that she became an overnight success, leaving the bright-lights of being a PA and the photocopying of scripts behind.

Fresh off of her brilliant appearance on Desert Island Discs for BBC Radio 4, BroadcastNow reports that Hart is been reportedly being penciled in to play Lucy, the lead character in a proposed series based on novelist Kathy Lette book, To Love, Honour And Betray (Till Divorce Us Do Part). The novel, first published in 2008, is based around a woman whose husband leaves her after 18 years.

When you read the promotional material for the book, you can’t help but think the part of Lucy was written with Miranda Hart in mind. “When Lucy’s husband of eighteen years runs out on her, she’ll do anything to win him back. Including climbing out of her bedroom window at one in the morning wearing her daughter’s mini skirt. Jasper has left Lucy for her best friend, the chic and thin interior decorator Renee. To make matters worse, her teenage daughter Tally, blames her Mum. While Tally is busy trying to find a loophole in her birth certificate so she can put herself up for adoption, Lucy tries to accept that a child is for life and not just for Christmas.

Personally, while this news has an enormous up side as this puts Miranda Hart back on the small screen in something that is a tremendous read, the unwritten downside is that, on the surface, it sounds like it pretty much seals the fate of her award-winning BBC comedy series, Miranda. While the new series has not ‘officially’ been commissioned by the BBC as of yet, given that Hart is also committed to Call the Midwife, will embark on a one-woman show comedy tour of the UK next year with the arena-sized My, What I Call, Live Show and her exhaustive on-going efforts in both Comic Relief and Sport Relief, chances are we’ve seen the end of Miranda. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

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