Chat live with Downton Abbey's Gary Carr Monday at 11a CT/12n ET

Downton Abbey introduced its first black character in series 4 with the addition of American jazz singer Jack Ross, played by Gary Carr. The character of Jack Ross is based on real-life cabaret star Leslie Hutchinson, whose scandalous affairs with white British socialites also form the basis for Jack’s liaison with Downton’s rebellious flapper Lady Rose, played by Lily James.
Gary Carr as Jack Ross in Downton Abbey

Ross enters the picture during his performance at the Lotus Jazz Club in London. With Rose left high and dry on the dance floor after her ‘date’ comes to the realization that he can’t hold his liqueur, Jack bolts from the stage and starts dancing with her, saving her from humiliation. Sadly, Rose isn’t the one in the room that is suffering from humiliation as Tom is sent over to ‘rescue’ her. Best known for his role as Fidel Best in Death in Paradise along with roles in Bluestone 42 and Foyle’s War, Carr will participate in a live chat on Monday, February 3 at 11a CT / 12n ET. Get your questions ready and find out what it has been like for Carr to join the cast of Downton Abbey.


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