PBS' Downton Abbey the clear winner against Super Bowl

The Seahawks may have drubbed the Broncos on Sunday and won Super Bowl XLVIII but the clear winner in Sunday’s line-up was Downton Abbey on PBS. For the third straight year, the #DramaBowlPBS entry was the second-highest-rated program on all of television after the Super Bowl. Ok, maybe it did finish second by a margin of over 100 million, but it was still second with an overall audience of 6.8 million viewers across the U.S., an 11% jump over last year’s title game. In the key 18-49 advertiser driven market, Downton scored a 4.9 overnight rating.
Downton Abbey and Sherlock or The Big Game

With numbers like this, coupled with the recent report that showed the January 5 premiere had a live viewing audience of 10.2 million with an additional 5.3 million watching via DVR viewing plus an additional 1+ million viewing via video streaming, one could guess that we can now pretty much go ahead and mark our calendars for January 4, 2015 for the premiere of Downton Abbey 5. At this point, nothing is set in stone, but there’s no reason not to…

Finally, just one more Downton Abbey item from the ‘Department of You Know You’ve Arrived If…‘, we present the Sunday comics edition of Foxtrot by Bill Amend which, given the ratings from yesterday, probably played out pretty true to form in many households across the U.S. on Sunday. In this case, life really does imitate art…or vice versa.
Foxtrot comic Sunday, February 2, 2014 with Downton Abbey reference

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