With Sherlock over, Benedict Cumberbatch leaves Baker Street for Sesame Street

While this won’t soften the blow in anyone’s personal mind palace that Sherlock is, most likely, done for what could be another 1-2 years, this will bring a smile to Benedict Cumberbatch fans across the land. The brilliant ‘Benedict Sherlock’ or ‘Benedict Counterbatch’ headed over to the second most famous address in the world, Sesame Street, after locking up 221b Baker Street for the Winter.

Even Sherlock needs a bit of help to defeat his arch nemesis, ‘Murray-arty’. Enter The Count to help Benedict with this case to determine if there are more apples or more oranges.

Blending the greatness of Sesame Street and the brilliance of Benedict Cumberbatch is nothing short of genius. Enjoy.

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