Downton Abbey – The Board Game

Coming to the realization that, after tomorrow, there will be only 2 weeks left in the current series of Downton Abbey, one must be brave and turn their attention to just how will we cope until the, most likely, September 2014 return in the UK and January 2015 return on PBS. What may soften the blow is a new board game that transports you into the world of Downton Abbey from Destination Games.
Downton Abbey - The Board Game

Looking eerily like Monopoly (or Clue), you start life at Downton as maid or footman (Mr. Molesley would be so upset), with the charge of completing the tasks you are given as quickly and efficiently as possible. Starting in the Servants’ Hall, each player is dealt Destination cards which have varying values indicated by the number of bells on the card. This relates to how important or difficult the task is. The player must then navigate their way around the corridors and stairs of the Abbey, throwing the dice to determine how many moves they can make. Once they reach the destination of a task, they collect their bell tokens, and the next player throws the dice to set off for the next job.
Downton Abbey looking like Monopoly

Along the way, a player can land on a ‘Carson Card’ space and have to take a card, which could either help or hinder them. On other spaces, the players may have to collect a ‘Letter’ which could call them away from the Abbey, slowing them down, or costing them bells! But, which route will you take? A short easy looking one to get a job done earning only one bell, or a longer route with the possibility of collecting a higher reward? The winner is the player who has completed all their jobs and collected the most bells.
Toy Fair 2014, London, Britain - 21 Jan 2014

While you may encounter Thomas along the way, at least you can be assured that Colonel Mustard won’t be in the library holding a candlestick. And, before you know it, it will be time for Downton Abbey 4 and everyone will be a winner…

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