Jason Isaacs returns to American telly

Unfortunately, the first bit of news out of Liverpool and the BBC Showcase happened before it has even begun. Like most meetings some of the greatest information can be obtained via hallway conversations and side meetings. On the upside, American fans of Case Histories and Harry Potter soon will be able to get a weekly, albiet short, dose of Jason Isaacs in the forthcoming USA Networks 6-part series, Dig, from Heroes creator Tim Kring and Homeland producer Gideon Raff.

Isaacs, who starred as the haunting Jackson Brodie in Case Histories, will play FBI agent Peter, who is investigating a murder of a young archaeologist in Jerusalem. This will be Isaacs’second effort for the American small screen as he also starred in NBC’s short-lived supernatural series, Awake.

While the unfortunate news is that this, most likely, means no new Case Histories in the foreseeable future, fans should be able to see the second series, which ran in the UK back in Autumn 2013, sometime soon on public television stations in the States, which is the best news of all.

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