Will Ferrell skates to Olympic Gold with Downton Abbey themed performance

An Olympic performance that deserves to be seen…

There are some things that either need no explanation…or defy explanation, depending on the side of the fence you’re on when it comes to Will Ferrell. As most know, Jimmy Fallon and Downton Abbey go way back. We all remember his brilliant Downton Sixby parodies, right? If you do, then it’s no surprise that within the first week of the Jimmy Fallon latenight takeover era, the British drama would, somehow, be featured prominently.

Add in the fact that the world stage is focused on the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia and that Will Ferrell is involved you have a Downton Abbey parody of Olympic proportion.

Aside from the gut-wrenching effort under some very trying circumstances for Ferrell, many of which we will never understand, and given that he wasn’t even offered a tryout for the current Olympic team, it shows a great deal of skill and grace to be able to put forth the commitment and conditioning effort to make himself ready should he get the call for 2018.

Let’s hope that Downton Abbey will be around in 2018 so that Olympic viewers will remember the theme…

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