Minnie Driver auditions for 'Downton Abbey' on 'Ellen'

Before we take a final look at the 2014 BBC Showcase, we pause for a bit of Downton Abbey fun…

With the help of Ellen Degeneres, Minnie Driver is one step closer to fulfilling a lifelong dream (ok, at least a dream that she’s had for the last four years since Downton Abbey began in 2011.

With the help of the writers of Ellen, Driver was able to put together a top-notch audition tape recently with DeGeneres as Lady Gwendymere of West Bedford Applebees and Driver as Countess Penelope of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Buttersworth.

One final BBC Showcase update tomorrow before it’s time to head home. Lots more drama, comedy, factual, natural history and documentaries to talk about and, hopefully, bring to public television. Stay tuned!

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