It's more 'Death in Paradise' for the island of Saint-Marie

Pretty soon, they are going to stop calling the quiet little fictional island of Saint-Marie in the Caribbean anything close to paradise. You certainly don’t want to be up for the job of the police department’s lead inspector next time it comes open as they don’t seem to leave the island….well, breathing. You’ll remember that as the series began, DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller) has left his cozy London surroundings and the land of the perfect cup of tea for the picturesque island of Saint Marie to solve the case of the death of a fellow British policeman. After solving the murder of his predecessor, he ends up becoming the local police force’s new senior detective.


After two series, Miller decided to vote himself off the island. Series 3 starts out a bit like Groundhog Day. In true Death in Paradise fashion, DI Poole is found murdered with Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) called in from London to investigate the murder. DI Goodman then takes over as the local police force’s new senior detective after solving (with DI Poole’s help) the case. Fortunately, Goodman is quick to understand the quirky bond that had developed between Poole and Camille, Dwayne and Fidel, and has no interest in ‘taking Poole’s place’ but embrace the island culture and merely fit in.

DEATH IN PARADISE S4 commissioned by BBC

With the series 3 finale set for tonight at 9:00p on BBC One, the audience numbers in the UK have been quite good with weekly figures averaging around 7 million viewers and a 25-30% share. Armed with that information, Ben Stephenson, Controller of BBC Drama Commissioning, has announced the commissioning of series 4 of Death in Paradise, starring Marshall and all of the island regulars, to begin filming later this year.
Death in Paradise commissioned for a fourth series

While series 3 comes to an end tonight in the UK, Death in Paradise fans in the States need look no further than your local public television station as series 3 will premiere towards the end of March, first of April.

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