Taking a 'Sherlock' tribute to new heights

While Downton Abbey parodies have been endless, there have been few spoofs/parodies/tributes to the greatness of Sherlock. One truly brilliant effort was the recent Sherlock: The Musical. As evidenced by the following video tribute, you almost have to be as much of a fan as were series creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. Creators Albert Chang and Kevin Chung take this Sherlock tribute to a new level combining a clever take on a Holmes mystery with some amazing musical talents as Albert explains:

The BBC television show, Sherlock, is one of my favorite TV shows of all time! I’ve been hooked every since I started watching a few years ago. Every aspect of the show – the story, the characters, and ESPECIALLY, the music – is so great.

As a tribute to this show, I collaborated with my friend, Kevin Chung, on a music “mystery” video. We had so much fun setting up a fake crime scene, and then re-enacting the crime itself in this very tongue in cheek recreation of a “Sherlockian” mystery. As for the music, we played all the parts on violin, viola, and cello, along with drum samples from Logic Pro to create this orchestral soundtrack. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!

Special thanks to Ryan Luo, for playing as our “dead violinist,” and Evan Delorenzo, for making the drum backing.

Sherlock/Violinist – Albert Chang
Watson/Cellist – Kevin Chung
Dead Violinist – Ryan Luo
Videographer/Text Animator – Max Coleman
Percussionist – Evan Delorenzo
Original Music – Michael Price

Directing | Video Editing | After Effects | Audio Production – Albert Chang

In: Drama,Music,Mystery