First video of Martin Freeman in FX's Fargo

Lester Nygard’s life is about to ‘tumble’ out of control….

Fargo, the 10-part television adaptation of the Coen brothers brilliant film, is set to premiere on FX April 15. While I shouldn’t be excited about this, the thought that Martin Freeman (Sherlock, The Hobbit, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) is taking the lead as Lester Nygaard alongside Billy Bob Thornton’s Lorne Malvo, is making it hard not to.

In addition to Freeman and Thornton, Fargo also stars Breaking Bad‘s Bob Odenkirk and Kate Walsh (Greys Anatomy, Private Practice). While there are a few subtle cosmetic differences between the Coen Bros’ film and the FX version, the basic brilliant storyline remains the same. The original film was set in Brainerd, MN and revolved around a character named Jerry Lundegaard, played by William H. Macy, who, in an attempt to get money from his father-in-law, hires a couple of less than desirable characters (Steve Buscemi and Peter Stormare) to kidnap his wife. From there, things don’t go very well and they involve a woodchipper. In the TV series, the Jerry Lundegaard character’s name will be changed to Lester Nygaard.

No word yet on a transmission date in the UK, but check it out April 15 on FX in the States.

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