Lady Edith to step it up in series 5 of 'Downton Abbey'

Even under the highest of high security, Laura Carmichael, who plays Lady Edith on Downton Abbey, readily admits that much will be going on in the forthcoming 5th series with her character Lady Edith. Edith, who is quickly becoming the most progressive Crawley sister, has already had an affair with a married man, become pregnant, gives up her baby for a secret adoption in Switzerland and then chooses to go back to get her infant daughter in the season finale, according to Carmichael, is set to embrace a rebellious side in the coming season.

In a subtle hint as to an, as yet, unresolved plot thread, Carmichael says that fans may want to keep their eyes fixed on the furthering results of the Gregson/Edith affair, which may have run over a cooling period as Gregson disappeared in Germany, but has not left the developing character without a certain set of consequences to grapple with in the meantime. “She takes some risks with Gregson; she’s out with this married man and that causes a lot of drama to come, therefore she doesn’t quite get away with it all,” Carmichael says.

While most of Planet Earth just wishes for Lady Edith to catch even a small break in the romance department, Carmichael believes that despite there being way more downs that ups in the relationship department, there has been a steady progression throughout the series with Edith having to step outside of herself and get beyond her comfort zone to find out what it is that makes her truly happy.

As to the conclusion of her relationship with Gregson only the director and cast members of the 5th season know, but it is after all possible that we could see Gregson’s return. Taking part in a recent online chat with Downton fans, Carmichael was asked if Gregson will come back. “I hope so!, said Carmichael. “Only Julian Fellowes knows for sure. Gregson is a great character. I loved working with Charlie Edwards.”

Gregson or no Gregson, series 5 of Downton Abbey will most likely premiere in England this Autumn, with a January 2015 U.S. premiere as part of PBS’ Masterpiece series.


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