First pics from the set of 'Downton Abbey 5' begin to trickle in

Aside from the fact that new seasons of both Call the Midwife and Mr. Selfridge premiered last night on PBS, most telly drama lovers will readily admit to liking this time of the year as behind-the-scenes bits from the set of Downton Abbey start to trickle in. The great Richard E. Grant (Girls, Gosford Park, Doctor Who) has tweeted a first glimpse of his character on Downton Abbey which is highly reminiscent of his Gosford Park days, don’t you think?
Its Downton Abbey duty for Richard E. Grant

Grant will appear in four episodes of the fifth series and play art historian, Simon Bricker, who pays a visit to the Crawley family. The forthcoming series will also see Anna Chancellor (Four Weddings and A Funeral) appear as Lady Anstruther, the woman footman Jimmy (Ed Speleers) previously worked for. In addition to Chancellor, Rade Sherbedgia (Eyes Wide Shut, 24) has been added and will play a Russian refugee.

The bad news is that we’re being kind when we say ‘trickle in’ as there is this one and only pic from Grant’s twitter feed. The good news is this should signal many more in the days to come with filming currently taking place at both Highclere Castle and Ealing Studios.

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