'Sherlock' tops Captain America's "to-do" list in the UK

This is beyond cool.

After missing nearly 70 years of pop culture due to being frozen in ice, Captain America has a lot of catching up to do. With so much to do and so little time to do it in, the iconic Marvel superhero was going to need a lot of help. We all know how much an ice coma can play havoc on your memory recall. Thankfully, RadioTimes.com stepped in to help out.

As events unfolded back in January, RadioTimes.com gave readers the chance to vote for what British TV show should get the chance to be featured in the UK version of Marvel sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Winning with 38% of the vote, Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock narrowly beat Doctor Who (which got 37%) to be one of the historical events that Steve Rogers has on his list of things to check out in the modern world.
Captain America UK to do list

Just to amp up the coolness factor a bit, audiences around the world will see a bit of a different list in the opening scene depending on where you are located. UK audiences will be Sherlock, The Beatles, World Cup Final (1966) and Sean Connery while U.S. audiences will see I Love Lucy, Berlin Wall, Steve Jobs and (ugh) Disco. Almost enough of a reason to wait and see the British version on DVD.
Captain America US to do list

According to Slashfilm, Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie goers in Australia will see AC/DC, Skippy: The Bush Kangaroo and Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter and French fans will see the 1998 World Cup and The Fifth Element.

Already out in the UK, Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens in U.S. theaters Friday, April 4 (that’s today for those who have been in an ice coma!).

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