'The Escape Artist' heads to PBS this June

David Tennant (Doctor Who, Broadchurch) is a talented junior barrister, Will Burton, specializing in the ability to get people out of tight legal corners, hence his nickname of the Escape Artist. He’s known for never losing a case which leads him to apply for the title of QC. Unfortunately, he meets Liam Foyle along the way, the prime suspect in a brutal and high-profile murder trial. Thinking this case will solidify his QC appointment, he lives up to his nickname in the ensuing trial but the consequences are more than chilling to say the least.

Created, produced and written by David Wolstencroft, best known for creating the brilliant Spooks or MI-5, The Escape Artist will premiere in June as part of PBS’ Masterpiece series.

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  • davidcom57

    What was in the gift box that so disturbed the woman barrister?

    • @davidcom57 My thought was that it the container looked like either bath powder or some sort of lotion and/or bath product that was her favorite. The only way he would know it would to have been in her house which sent her over the edge not wanting to stay there that evening.