Bits and Bobs from the set of Doctor Who 8!

As most of us are painfully aware, we’re still in the neighborhood of four months away from the season 8 premiere of Doctor Who, the first that will star Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor. With a few pictures having surfaced on the Internets, episode information is just now starting to filter out mainly due to the Sherlockian efforts of Doctor Who Online and the Observation Deck over at io9.

With filming currently underway in Cardiff on episode 3, “Robin of Sherwood”, fans are anxiously awaiting even the most minor of tidbits of information with regards to story lines, photos or news on potential villains. Here’s what has been compiled so far….all unofficial, of course, but it passes the time until August.

8.1: [Title Unknown] – written by Steven Moffat

Status: Already filmed. Set in the 1890’s with the Paternoster gang, and probably the return of the clockwork androids from Girl in the Fireplace. Oh, and the 12th Doctor gets to ride a horse down the street in his nightgown.

8.2: [Title Unknown] – written by Phil Ford

Status: Already filmed. Believed to be a Dalek episode. Appeared to have been almost entirely studio-bound.

8.3: Robots Of Sherwood – written by Mark Gatiss

Status: Currently being filmed. Involves robots, Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest, and possibly a UFO prepared to wipe out England.

8.4: Listen – written by Steven Moffat

Status: Already filmed. Involves creepy forests, “what happens when the voice inside your head, isn’t you,” the new Danny Pink character wearing an orange spacesuit and being prematurely aged, and possibly the strange new horned moster we saw.

8.5: Time Heist – written by Stephen Thompson

Status: Already filmed. Involves weird “future 80’s” fashions, guys in military uniforms with patches on their arms reading ‘Bank of Karabraxer’ and possibly the strange new horned monster we saw.

8.6: [Title Unknown] – written by Gareth Roberts

Status: Current filming block, but probably already filmed. Probably present day and involving some filming back at Coal Hill School, and the Doctor pretending to be the new school caretaker. This may also be the episode that involved the Doctor running around with his sonic and confronting a midget-sized robot with light-up eyes, or that could be a non-historical part of Robots of Sherwood.

8.7: Kill The Moon

Status: Next block to film

8.8: Mummy On The Orient Express

Status: Possibly next block to film

8.9: Flatline

Status: possibly next block to film

8.10: [Title Unknown]

8.11: [Title Unknown]

8.12: [Title Unknown]

8.13: [Title Unknown]

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