A little early (pre-Sherlock) Benedict in 'Spooks' and 'Fortysomething'

For those individuals that thought Sherlock was Benedict Cumberbatch’s first rodeo, we thought it would be fun to revisit some of his pre-Sherlock efforts and see how, when you think about it, he had been preparing for the role of a lifetime all along.

Look closely and you’ll see a bit of Sherlock in Benedict Cumberbatch’s Spooks performance as Jim North and also his Fortysomething stint as Hugh Laurie’s son, Rory.


In Spooks, Benedict’s character, Jim North, finds himself on the wrong side of a Sherlock-style interrogation with Tom, Danny and Zoe from MI5.


In Fortysomething, Benedict plays Hugh Laurie’s son, Rory, where he begins his Sherlock trait of deducing where his Mom is for Dad. If you haven’t seen this short pre-House series from 2003, it’s amazing for the cast alone. Imagine, in one show, you have Hugh Laurie, Anna Chancellor, Benedict Cumberbatch AND Peter Capaldi.

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