Could Rowan Atkinson be in line for Inspector Maigret reboot?

Given the skyrocketing popularity of the current careers of both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, we may have to be satisfied for the foreseeable future with an upcoming ITV revival of Inspector Maigret, who is frequently referred to as the Sherlock Holmes of France given his trademark pipe, fondness of fine alcohol and reliance on godlike intuition in solving cases. Furthering the comparison, both Holmes and Maigret had sidekicks and nemeses, but while it was Holmes that was known for his wit and charm, Maigret was more famous for his serious devotion to each case.
Rupert Davies as Inspector Jules Maigret

Unconfirmed reports cite an ‘unnamed ITV executive’ telling the Daily Mail that: “…The Maigret stories feel perfectly suited to television’s continuing obsession with atmospheric foreign crime“. Based on Belgian writer Georges Simenon’s novels centered around the Parisian detective, the Inspector Maigret stories are not new to television audiences. As early as 1959, Jules Maigret hit the small screen in a major way with Rupert Davies starring as the fictional detective. The most recent and, perhaps, the more famous adaptation was the 1992-93 ITV series starring Michael Gambon which lasted 12 episodes and ran on PBS as part of the Mystery! series.
Michael Gambon as Inspector Jules Maigret

Also unconfirmed but well worth mentioning has Rowan Atkinson, the star of Blackadder and Mr. Bean, linked to the possible ITV reboot. As much as I love Atkinson’s work, this will definitely be his biggest challenge. I hope we get a chance to see how it plays out.

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