Monty Python Live (Mostly): Let the mind games begin

Even though original Python member, Terry Gilliam, calls the troupe’s forthcoming get-together “depressing”, most of the planet is looking forward to their reunion gigs beginning 1 July at London’s O2 arena. Monty Python Live (Mostly) launches on the 1st July, with 10 dates scheduled. The comedians have ruled out getting the band back together for an extended tour again so their final performance will be on Sunday 20th July.

Even though the initial night (1 July) sold out in 43.5 seconds, Gilliam’s comments in a recent interview with the Evening Standard promoting the English National Opera he has directed, might leave you wondering whether or not you might be wanting those 43.5 seconds of your life back if you’ll be at the O2 arena in July or if youll be at one of the 1500+ cinemas streaming the show live around the globe. Either way, to get you ready, Annie French from Steel Monkey Engineering takes us on a tour as preliminary set construction begins.

My guess is that whether or not the cynical side of you thinks this is one last money grab by the brilliant comedy group or that this will be an unforgettable night of timeless comedy to remember, you will not be disappointed. While original Python member, Eric Idle, said that fans could “expect a little comedy, a lot of pathos, some music and a tiny bit of ancient sex” and the Pythons, in a press release, said they would take in some of their most famous routines, including the “Dead Parrot” sketch, in the show, John Cleese issued a warning to fans. Cleese ruled out a re–run of one of his best–loved moments, the Ministry of Silly Walks, saying: “I have an artificial knee and an artificial hip so there’s no chance of that.” Understandable. After all, collectively, there will be combined 357 years on stage.

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