10 British things about….(insert U.S. city here)

Besides an insatiable appetite for British telly, American cities are increasingly becoming like their British counterparts from a cuisine and/or pop culture standpoint. Whether you’re in Seattle, Portland (Maine), Fargo, San Antonio or any point in-between, there’s a good chance your city is more ‘British’ than you think. Thanks to some around-the-clock stellar work from the folks over at Anglophenia, whether you are a resident of any of these U.S. cities, looking for a day trip or even if you live in the UK and are heading this way for a bit of a summer holiday and need a Bangers and Mash fix, the sun might never set on something to do British in the States.

Just in case you’re in the North Texas area and are wondering what could possibly be British about Dallas, we need to get you out more. Besides the 10 things listed, I came up with about 15 more without thinking too much about it. Or, head to Austin. How many knew there was such a thing as the Central Texas Cricket League? Wherever you go, we want pictures. Me? I may just head over to Phoenix for the London Bus Pub Crawl.

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