Net Neutrality, John Oliver and the IT Crowd

Whatever side of the fence you are on, with all the talk in recent weeks about net neutrality and what the FCC might do that could change the way the United States uses the Internet, we must turn our attention to the brilliant John Oliver as he shares his thoughts on net neutrality and the Internet, or the electronic cat database as he calls it. Recently, on his HBO series, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, he explained in as non-boring a fashion as is humanly possible, how the Internet is a “weirdly level playing field“. The Internet is not broken and the FCC is taking steps to fix that.

A NSFW word of warning and a reminder that this is premium cable television at it’s finest, so even though most words are ‘bleeped’, there are extreme language issues ahead should you choose to hit play.

Sadly, the world has changed since the days of “cellular telephones” in your car. Today, with internet providers/cable providers trying to create an unequal playing field for internet speeds with a pay-to-play tier system scenario, it’s sometimes more appealing to go back to the beginning of the World Wide Web when times were simpler and ignorance was bliss. A time when Jen could take the entire Internet to a meeting wondering just how the ‘elders of the Internet’ knew her name…


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  • Micheal Justin

    After a comedic video about net neutrality became a YouTube hit, more than 22,000 comments about proposed net neutrality rules flooded the website of the U.S.

  • Micheal Justin

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