It's…Monty Python's The Ministry of Silly Walks game app

Depending on when you read this, the world is approximately 24-36 hours away from the return of Monty Python’s Flying Circus at London’s O2 Arena. On Tuesday, 1 July, as the troupe gets the band back together for one last gig, those that were lucky enough to secure tickets before the :45 sellout, will attempt to see if the parrot is still dead, the Spanish Inquisition remains unexpected and whether or not there might just finally be some cheese in The Cheese Shop.

Should you be like most of the UK and find yourself ticketless and having to wait for the ‘next best thing to being there’ to attend one of the thousands of cinema simulcasts to be shown around the world when the troupe’s final get-together on 20 July , you might want to check out the newest offering from the boys called Python…The Ministry of Silly Walks app to pass the time for the next few weeks. Plenty of time to unleash your silly walk across London dodging dangerous obstacles and collecting gold coins in this stupendously addictive survival game. The Pythons have, historically, been consistently masterful at the ability to reversion their original content over the last half-century. It’s good to see they are able to continue their ways into the 21st century with their new Silly Walks App. Check it out…

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