Mick Jagger on Python: "Who wants to see a bunch of wrinkly old men try to recapture their youth"?

Once Mick Jagger finally figures out that their may not be a future for this 50+ year experiment called The Rolling Stones, he definitely has a future in comedy. The leader of the ‘bad boys of Rock & Roll’ appears a bit dismayed that the group that calls itself Monty Python’s Flying Circus wants to get back together tonight at London’s O2 Arena. After all, as Mick explains to an obviously disinterested Charlie Watts…”Who wants to see that again? It was funny in the 60s. A bunch of wrinkly old men trying to recapture their youth! If that wasn’t enough to drive home his point, Jagger added, “The best one died years ago!

Hard to believe but when Python first burst on the scene in the late 60’s with Monty Python’s Flying Circus, they were this bizarre little comedy troupe who took television by surprise and, ultimately, re-wrote the rulebook for TV comedy and inspired a new generation of alternative humor. Because of the obvious comparisons, the Pythons’ comedy legacy will be forever linked to the incomparable influence that The Beatles had on music. “The Beatles never had a ‘last night’, because they didn’t know it was coming,” said Eric Idle, one of the original Python members.

Could it be that Jagger’s wrath is a by-product of the concept that the Python’s were linked forever to the Beatles and not the Stones? Not a chance. First off, I think Mick has done okay for himself over the last half-century and, two, it’s a joke! But, it does make for great copy, doesn’t it?

If you’re headed to the O2 Arena for tonight’s Monty Python reunion, feel free to report back to Tellyspotting. Word is, there are a lot of surprises in-store including an appearance by long-time Python fan, Stephen Hawking.

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