A first look at "Gracepoint" with an 'American' David Tennant

Ok, it’s a bit odd to hear the greatness of David Tennant with an American accent, but it works. Did I feel the same way when I first heard that Martin Freeman had signed on to star in the FX series, Fargo? Definitely, but it worked to perfection too with Martin doing a spot-on Minnesotan accent.

If you have been either a faithful or occasional reader of Tellyspotting over the last 5 years, you know my feelings towards American re-makes of British telly. I can count on one hand (and not bother to use my thumb) the ones that have been successful over the years. Much like CBS’ Elementary, the American re-make of the BBC’s Sherlock, the American version of Broadchurch, Fox’s Gracepoint has potential.

David Tennant, who stars as DI Alec Hardy along with Olivia Colman in the ITV series, Broadchurch, also stars in the American re-make that will premiere on Fox in the States this Fall. Tennant, with an American accent in-tow, will star as Detective Emmett Carver, alongside Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad) as Detective Ellie Miller. Colman decided not to make the trip across the pond but will return, along with Tennant for the second series of Broadchurch when it returns to ITV.

In Gracepoint, fans of the UK version will immediately notice the massive similarities between the two as it’s basically Broadchurch with an American accent. Let’s hope Fox lets it stick around for a bit to give it a chance.

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  • Anita Chapman

    That makes me so sad. I adored Broadchurch! To see it virtually replicated WITHOUT Tennant’s brogue is just wrong. I want to watch, because I loved the story in BC series one, but I’m afraid Fox will mess it up somehow.

    • @sugarcoatedbitch911 Sad on this end too, but willing to give it a chance. The thought of DT without that accent will be very strange enough. BC was so good that I’d like to believe they will not mess it up but from what I understand, they do follow the story closely at the beginning but then begin to wander which is where it will lose my interest.

  • Yepperday

    My understanding is that this is not being billed as a series. This is a miniseries and they are committed to showing it in its entirely.