Just "What" and "Who" is this Endeavour person?

If, for some unexplainable reason, you are just this minute jumping on the Endeavour bandwagon and wondering just “What is Endeavour?” or, you are flipping through the 57 channels coming to the realization that Bruce Springsteen had it right back in 1992 and you stop on PBS and ask yourself, “What is Endeavour?“, have we got just the thing for everyone before tonight’s second episode in the new second series.

Now that you’ve stumbled onto “Endeavour” on PBS’ Masterpiece Mystery series and you have the answer to the “What is Endeavour?” question, the next obvious one is “Who is Endeavour?

Casting Endeavour: Who is Shaun Evans

Tonight’s Masterpiece Mystery presentation of “Endeavour” on PBS is quite timely given that little tournament that is going on in Brazil at the moment. In “Nocturne”, the Oxford Police force is swept up in the 1966 World Cup semifinals, but Endeavour Morse is much more interested in a 100-year-old series of unsolved murders by croquet mallet, and its potential connection to the killing in a local museum of a retiree by ceremonial dagger. Check it out. “Endeavour” airs tonight on PBS’ Masterpiece Mystery series beginning at 8pm CT / 9pm ET.


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