"I see into your soul, Doctor" says a familiar voice

We’re a mere 48 days away from the beginning of the Peter Capaldi era at the helm of the TARDIS. Even though we are now well under two months from the 23 August premiere, sadly, it will seem like an eternity, especially with every day going by having a new teaser trailer introduced to suck you in. This one not only has the obligatory explosions and such, it also features a few electric currents running through the TARDIS, electrocuting the Doctor and exposing his two beating hearts, while over the top an ominous and rather familiar voice says, “I see into your soul Doctor. I see beauty, divinity, hatred.” Sounds an awful lot like Davros, the Doctor’s old archenemy and creator of the Daleks.

It will be all the more brilliant to know that the Daleks will be back battling the Doctor given that we already have word from recent production pics that the second-most-dreaded of the Time Lord’s metallic foes after the Daleks will make an appearance is series 8.
The Peter Capaldi Doctor era encounters Cybermen

What makes it all the more difficult to think about counting down the days is that the self-described ‘100% Rebel Time Lord’ took some of his look and inspiration from music icon, David Bowie, as a tribute to Bowie’s Station to Station album cover, according to the recent reports speaking of Capaldi’s involvement in the Howard Burden costume design of the Twelfth Doctor’s white button-down shirt being added to the long black coat.

To quote Renee Zellweger’s character, Dorothy, in the film, Jerry Macguire, “…you had me at hello“. But, feel free to keep those trailers coming….23 August is still a long way off.

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