New 'Doctor Who' trailer introduced during World Cup finale

Short of premiering an overpriced spot during the Super Bowl, the next best thing, bar none, is to premiere an overdue, long-awaited trailer for the longest running science-fiction series in the history of television during the finale of the Fifa World Cup telecast. This year’s finale between Germany and Argentina didn’t escape notice with the first, long-form trailer for series 8 of Doctor Who airing during halftime on BBC1.

The most chilling moment? Definitely when The Doctor’s companion Clara asking him where they are going and the Time Lord’s answer of, “Into darkness” has to be at the top of the list. While previous all-too-short trailers have had more explosions and rampant electrical currents running through the TARDIS than the law allows, the newest trailer ramped up the anticipation quotient ten-fold. While we already have reports that S8 will feature Daleks and Cybermen, last night’s full-length trailer shows a T-Rex which appears to be rampaging past a blazing Houses of Parliament.

Who else can’t wait for 23 August?

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