Passing the time until 'Downton Abbey' 5 with Hugh Bonneville

Like more everyone on the planet, the world awaits he arrival of Downton Abby. While a number of the inhabitants of Downton, both upstairs and downstairs have found other work in-between series filming, Hugh Bonneville, known on this planet to everyone with a TV as Lord Grantham, recreates his role as Ian Fletcher, the Head of Values for the BBC in the British comedy, W1A. His task is no small one. Put simply, it’s to clarify, define, or re-define the core purpose of the BBC across all its functions and to position it confidently for the future.

Technically, W1A is the follow-up to the BAFTA award-winning comedy series, Twenty Twelve. Along with Bonneville, comes Jessica Hynes, Jason Watkins and the voice of David Tennant as the narrator for their newest efforts. With only four episodes, it won’t pass the time completely until Downton Abbey 5 but you might have missed W1A but it is more than worth your time.

The final episode of the short series sees brand consultant Siobhan Sharpe and her team unveil their barnstorming idea for a new BBC logo. One can only hope there will be more next year so we can pass the time again before Downton Abbey 6. Yes, the sky is blue in my world…

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