Downton Abbey 5 — What we know so far…

With the return of Downton Abbey only mere months away on ITV in the UK, it was officially announced at the Television Critic’s Association gathering in Los Angeles that series 5 will premiere on PBS’ Masterpiece series beginning Sunday, January 4, 2015. Regardless of where you are, the great thing now is that both cast and crew are beginning to have some loose lips with regards to storylines even with creator/writer Julian Fellowes hanging in the wings to ensure a complete lockdown when it comes to information.

No real revelation here but Gareth Neame, the show’s executive producer, has revealed that the upcoming run will contain “high-stakes drama, laugh-out-loud comedy and… romance” as well as “…a few really nice twists and turns” for the characters we know and love. Unfortunately, you pretty much could have said that at any time about any of the previous series the past four years. Here’s what’s in store for…

Isn’t it about time for Anna to have a good day?

— Speaking to TVLine, Neame did say that Anna will still be dealing with the repercussions of series four, a storyline that Joanna Froggart confirmed at the TCA meeting telling critics, “It’s something that sort of haunts her in Season 5. It’s this added anxiety on top of what else she’s going through.”

Will Lady Mary finally make a decision?

— Surprise, surprise. Lady Mary is still on the look out for a man. “She’s still not quite sure, and I think there’s a good hook for the audience in the fifth season to see which decision she’s going to make,” says Neame.

Romance in the air for Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes?

— The real kicker came with regards to the teaser that there really could be romance on the cards for Carson and Mrs Hughes: “Downton is about romantic love and companionship, and in that sense, they are one of the Downton relationships, even if they’re not married. Obviously that was a lovely tease at the end of last season, so we’ll see what happens to them.”

According to Michelle Dockery, who plays Lady Mary, the introduction of a new character, Lady Anstruther, played by Anna Chancellor, will create “havoc” down at the Abbey. “She’s a troublemaker. She comes to the house and she creates havoc,” Dockery said.

Saving the best for last, Julian Fellowes has strongly hinted that there will be a series 6 in Downton Abbey‘s future. That alone is all I will need going in to this season. No need for any more teasers until September premiere. You?

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