'Doctor Who' meets The Nerd on 'Robot Chicken'

Robot Chicken, created from the mind palaces of Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, got just a bit cooler recently as, at long last, The Doctor finally meets The Nerd. Airing as part of the Adult Swim block on The Cartoon Network, Robot Chicken is a sketch comedy series that parodies a number of pop culture conventions using stop motion animation of toys, action figures, claymation, and various other objects. While the comparisons between the TARDIS and Snoopy’s doghouse are probably a bit over the top for The Doctor, The Nerd does last long enough to travel back to the stone age in the TARDIS before quickly wearing out his welcome.

True fans of Doctor Who will, no doubt, take exception with the Robot Chicken parody because as we all know, “a real Dalek could never be subdued by a mere kick” and “The Doctor doesn’t simply confront total strangers with the proposal of becoming his next companion“. That said, this is a cross between brilliant and greatness and definitely well worth the 2+ minutes to watch.

In: Comedy

  • Mercedes Balda

    I don’t like it, maybe they need to watch the show first and then make a parody.