'Being Poirot' is a delight for current and future Poirot fans

When the phrase Must See TV was coined by NBC years ago for its’ Thursday night comedy/drama lineup it must have had an upcoming public television special in mind some 30 years later. Being Poirot, which recounts Sir David Suchet’s last days as that ‘funny little man’ born in the mind of Agatha Christie, will leave long-time viewers of the Poirot series just as gutted as David Suchet was during the final days of filming. Being Poirot is Must See TV for the 21st century. Beginning this weekend on a public television station near you, fans of the Poirot series can see, and hear, the incredible level of detail in which Sir David Suchet prepared when creating his impeccable on-screen version of the famous Belgian detective.

Having invested a quarter of a century of his acting career in his portrayal of Hercule Poirot, the doc gives brilliant insight into how the consummate actor transforms into his ‘imaginary friend’ for the final time and how playing Poirot during those final scenes was the ‘hardest of his career’.

Long-time fans of the series were recently treated to the first two of the final five episodes which will complete entire Agatha Christie collection of stories ever written for her creation when Suchet returned to PBS with The Big Four and Dead Man’s Folly back in recent weeks. The final three episodes will make their way to public television stations beginning in November with Labours of Hercules, Elephants Can Remember and Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case.

Being Poirot, public television’s version of Must See TV, begins this weekend with the final three episodes headed your way in November 2014.

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