Take a "Deep Breath". 'Doctor Who' is almost here…

The countdown to 23 August begins with the newest bit of trailer gold released by the BBC yesterday. With a dinosaur, a new Tardis interior and Peter Capaldi in a nightgown, how can you not be beside yourself with anticipation. “Deep Breath” is the first episode of the eighth series of Doctor Who which will usher in the Peter Capaldi era as he takes over as the Twelfth Doctor. In “Deep Breath”, the Doctor lands in Victorian London.

Don’t fret if you’re not within visual range of a telly on the 23rd. The episode will be beamed globally to over a thousand cinemas in the UK and the U.S. According to the great folks over at Den of Geek, there will be 12 theatrical events in 12 cities in the States at 12am/midnight to celebrate the launch of the new season on Saturday, August 23. For U.S. theaters that will be participating, click here to find one near you. Then, on Monday, August 25, the celebration will go nationwide with two showings at 7:00pm and 9:30pm (local time) to over 550 theaters in the U.S. UK fans can see the premiere at cinema chains Odeon, Empire, Cineworld, Vue, Omniplex and Picture House on August 23.

Why go to the cinema, you ask? Hello. It’s the big screen. And, there will be an exclusive 5-minute prequel scene preceding the premiere, and a 10-minute “making of” documentary immediately following. Need we say more?

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