Ok, who left their water bottle at Downton Abbey?

When we last left the residents of Downton Abbey, it was the Summer of 1923. It’s common knowledge that we are jumping forward just a bit with the beginning of series 5 set for a 1924 backdrop. As we get closer and closer to the rumored Sunday, 14 September premiere in the UK, ITV has released a few promotional photos for all the world to see. Unfortunately, doesn’t look like Downton Abbey‘s historian Alastair Bruce was on the set when the pics were taken. Talk a close look at this one in particular. We did give you a little help…
Downton-Abbey water bottle in the 20s?

Even though everyone tried to convince Benjamin Braddock to invest in ‘plastic’ in The Graduate, the material wasn’t really mass produced until the mid-20th century. The making of the material was so expensive and with the Crawley’s financial woes just trying to pay for the upkeep on Downton, there’s little chance that even the Crawleys would have been able to get their hands on any to have water bottles hanging around. In all likelihood, I’m guessing that no water bottles and no rooftop antennas will find their way to the forthcoming series as, thank goodness, Alastair Bruce will now be on the case 24/7 until the series premieres on 14 September.

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