'Big School' 2nd term opens 29 August on BBC One

Greybridge Secondary School (a.k.a Big School) is back. Returning staff at Greybridge for series 2 are David Walliams as Deputy Head of Science, Mr. Church, Catherine Tate, Greybridge School’s new French teacher Miss Postern, Philip Glenister, PE teacher and the alpha male of the Greybridge staff room and Frances de La Tour as Head Teacher Ms Baron, who sees both staff and pupils at Greybridge as hindrances to her life.

Written by Walliams and ‘The Dawson Brothers’ (Steve Dawson, Andrew Dawson and their childhood friend Tim Inman), Big School was filmed at Bishopshalt School, Hillingdon, West London with real pupils giving up their school holidays to come to the school during filming and be extras. Series 2 will continue to see the socially inept Mr. Church try to impress Miss Postern who humbly says, “ I can’t help it if every male member of staff and one female member of staff finds me attractive” while the pupils remain mainly interested in social networking, texting, partying and being bored by the attempts of Mr Church and Miss Postern to engage with them.

Series 2 is set to premiere on BBC One on Friday, 29 August. With two series in essentially in the books, it shouldn’t be long before it hits the States.

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