Ever wondered what the Oxford Circus tube station tastes like?

From the Telegraph:

The latest and, perhaps, greatest  Tube map spin-off is a particularly tasty little number. James Wannerton, a 54-year-old systems analyst from Blackpool with synaesthesia (a neurological condition in which your senses get mixed up) has recreated the iconic map with how he thinks each of the Tube stops taste. Mr. Wannerton, who is also president of the UK Synaesthesia Association, has been coming down with his mother to London for school since the tender age of 4 and has spent virtually his entire life creating the Tastes of London map. For a larger version, click here for the Telegraph story and then click on the accompanying map.
The Taste of the London Tube

In what seems like somewhat of a gross understatement given this project has been 49 years in the making, Mr. Wannerton said: “This actually became a bit of an obsession – not unlike standing on breezy railway platforms collecting train numbers.

From now on, I’ll try to think about the Notting Hill Gate Station (sausage, potato and bacon) in the AM, the Charing Cross Station for apple pie in the afternoon and, finally, Highbury and Islington Station for Dr. Pepper. Think I’ll stay away from any thoughts about Bond Street, Kilburn, Arsenal and Bermondsey. When you look at the map, you’ll understand why. FYI, if anyone can find a tube station that tastes like Guinness, let me know ASAP.

BTW, the Oxford Circus Tube Station tastes like….Oxtail Soup.

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