A 'League of Gentlemen' 20th reunion in the making?

There is no explanation that would do justice to The League of Gentlemen, which was made up from the combined twisted mind palaces of Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton, Jeremy Dyson and Reece Shearsmith. It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 20 years since we have visited the home of Edward and Tubbs Tattsyrup in the sleepy little town of Royston Vasey, the setting for the brilliant but darkest of dark comedies, The League of Gentlemen. That said, it’s probably a good thing that Papa Lazarou has not crossed our paths for that length of time.

While portions of the group have found ways to collaborate over the years beginning with Shearsmith and Pemberton’s brilliant Psychoville series (who needs Krusty the Klown when you have Mr. Jelly) and their recent collaboration of the anthology series Inside No.9 and then Shearsmith, Pemberton and Mark Gatiss appearing in the children’s sketch comedy show Horrible Histories, this would be the first attempt to ‘get the band back together’ given the extremely busy schedules of the three above plus off-screen writing partner Jeremy Dyson.

Speaking with the Radio Times, Shearsmith wasn’t promising a return to Royston Vasey but did say that a creative collaboration is in the works so one can always hold out hope for maybe a short detour to Ravenhill Hospital?

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