Behind the scenes at 'Downton Abbey' west, a.k.a. Ealing Studios

As members of Downton Abbey-Nation begin to make preparations for the start of series five (September in the UK, January 2015 in the States), there are those few that may not be aware that not all of what you see on the telly is actually filmed at Highclere Castle. For those that don’t necessarily want to know ‘how the sausage is made’ for fear of ruining the magic that is telly, do not click play on the video below. Ealing Studios, the television and film production company and facilities provider which is located approximately 60 miles from Highclere at Ealing Green in West London has been in the film and telly business since 1902, making it the oldest continuously working studio facility for film production in the world.

Much of Downton Abbey‘s downstairs sets are built, filmed and housed at the Ealing soundstages including the servants’ quarters and attic bedrooms scenes which are shown on stages 3A and 3B. Here’s quick look at how the kitchen set is constructed…

Probably the best take on the distance between Highclere Castle and Ealing Studios and the continuity issues this causes comes from the brilliant minds of Red Nose Day that stars Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley, Harry Enfield and Victoria Wood.

So, whether you watch in September or January think about how difficult it is for poor Thomas who might be filmed leaving the kitchen with a plate of food for upstairs and would then appear two weeks later in the dining room.

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