The Dowager Countess schools Isobel Crawley in the concept of 'what men want'

As Downton Abbey Nation inches ever so close to the 21 September premiere on ITV, nothing but video greatness is coming out of the ITV Press Centre to promote the forthcoming series 5 premiere. We’ve already seen the potential of there being ‘trouble in River City’ (or Downton) with our first teaser where Mr. Carson ‘feels a shaking of the ground he is standing on’, Lady Edith proclaims ‘the world is changing’, Daisy finally realizes she just can’t follow orders for the rest of her life and it looks like while Downton is burning, Mr. Carson refuses to believe that the house in which he lives is catching up to the times they live in.

Next up is classic Dowager Countess in what will certainly go into the next installment of The “stuff” the Dowager Countess says. Here, Violet shares what looks to be a teachable moment with Isobel Crawley. She may not know “what at weekend is” but she certainly knows “what men want”.

As if the dates aren’t already circled in red on your calendars, Downton Abbey returns to ITV on Sunday, 21 September at 9p and then Sunday, January 4, 2015 on PBS in the States.

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